There are only three days left until Christmas, which means there are two days left to do your shopping (unless you are really waiting until the last minute and doing it on Christmas morning).

If you still need ideas we can help!  Just have your kids Call Santa for FREE from our website.  Visit this Page to get Santa’s phone number.  Your kids will be able to call him and have a lot of fun, and you can hear what they really want!  You can also Visit the Page for last minute FREE Dear Santa Letter Templates where you can print the page and your kids can write a letter with their wish list.

Merry Christmas to All  from Dear Santa Letters!





Dear Santa Letters was featured on That’s So Cuegly!  A big thanks to them for their kindness in sharing our site with their readers.  As always we hope that our site brings joy to visitors from all over the world!  This holiday season we have had visitors from 44 countries.  Merry Christmas to all!


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babys first christmas

Baby Taz

As proud parents it if fun to celebrate Christmas with a baby for the first time.  There are a few things that you should remember when celebrating Christmas with a new baby to make it the best and most memorable holiday possible.

  1. Take pictures. Whether you have professional pictures taken or simply take them at home be sure to have the camera always ready for the perfect Christmas shot of your baby.
  2. Work around your babies schedule. Don’t be too excited and too rigid that you don’t allow your baby to set their own schedule for Christmas morning, this will make the day go much better for everyone.
  3. Keep in mind that your baby will be just as happy with wrapping paper as they will be with the $150 toy from Toys R Us.  Sometimes it can be too easy for new parents to blow their budget of buying baby toys that they really do not need.
  4. Keep the house safe.  With the xmas tree, presents, lights, and decorations all around the house there are many tempting things for your baby to get into.  Keep a close eye on baby to avoid any injuries.
  5. Sing Christmas Carols to your baby.  Babies love music, take this time to play special Carols and songs that your baby will love.
Merry Christmas!  Enjoy Baby’s First Christmas!
Click here to CALL SANTA and here to WRITE SANTA and find fun CHRISTMAS GAMES here.


The site has had visits from all 50 states in the United States and visitors from over 10 countries.  As far away as Japan and Mozambique to Greece and Poland.  Santa really is a world famous icon of Christmas.  We hope that your children have found much joy in writing and calling him for free this year and that you are having a wonderful holiday season.  As Christmas approaches our hearts will fill with love and a desire to serve your family and friends.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is here!  It is the first day after Thanksgiving, people are Christmas shopping, and Santa is working harder than ever to get ready to get all of the presents ready.  Another exciting  piece of news is that we have added a new feature to the website!  If your child calls and leaves a message for Santa, you can fill out a form Here and we can e-mail you a copy of the message…For Free!  This is our a way at Dear Santa Letters of wishing you a Merry Christmas!  We hope you have fun this year, and wish you the best getting ready for Christmas.

Welcome to Dear Santa Letters! Today was the first day of snow, so we are celebrating the official launch of our website. We hope that you will have lots of fun here and share the site with your friends. Don’t forget to browse through all of our pages where you will find games, music, letters and templates, and even be able to leave a message for Santa Clause.